Tuesday 1 August 2000

After a rich breakfast, we drive to see the Teide Volcano while Alfredo grumbles continuous complaints as he does not like volcanos. The Teide national park offers a beautiful landscape, rich of recent eruptions where pink flowers remind that life is stronger than death.

Back to the airport Reina Sofia, we take off at 17.17 hs. one hour later than scheduled. We get into a foggy weather for many miles before finding a clear air at level 120 having an overcast at 4.000 feet. Approaching Madeira we find a cavok situation but the usual terrible wind and shear over Funchal airport. The landing is not easy. From Maria notes: the landing in Madeira is very exciting; after having touched the ground, the plane is lifted up again by a strong gust before coming to a complete stop. It looks like a restive horse that refuses bridles. The landing seen by Alfredo: at the touch down 20 knots tight, gust 35. Rosario (an anemometer situated mile on final to appreciate shear) says 14 knots tight wind. Passing 1000 feet on descent, the "centrifugation" starts. During the approach we keep a speed of 30 knots over the approach speed. According to the detailed briefing we had during the flight, we decided the check points for a possible go around. At the threshold we still keep 110 knots speed and 30 feet height. The runway is 1631 meters, enough to decelerate slowly. We have to fight against various gusts, but Michele is very clever in keeping levelled wings. A couple of jumps and finally the plane is on the ground. Out of the plane we have problems to stand up!! After a TAP airbus landing, the airport is closed for excessive wind.


1.8.2000 - Tenerife, Teide Volcano -

1.8.2000 - Teide park, pink dipsacacea -

1.8.2000 - Tenerife, Teide national park -

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